Care & Cleaning Information

Care for your products and they will care for you, and your patrons, for years to come. Get information about a variety of best practices that we recommend in caring for your CIX Direct products. Read this resource

Varnish Durability

Woodwright sets the market standard for varnish durability, chemical, and moisture resistance. Learn more about the testing that we employ to determine the resilience of our varnishes. Read this resource

CIX Direct Warranty

Become familiar with details of our company’s warranty policies. Read this resource

Janka Hardness test

Wood is available in some many different varieties and each species has it’s own quality of hardness. The Janka Hardness Test is used to determine the hardness of each type of wood and then determine that species’ usefulness for a variety of practical applications. Read this resource

Understanding Moisture Control and Wood Movement

This resource offers information that provides a better understanding of the movement of wood and how it relates to the moisture content within the wood. Read this resource

How to Determine Table Sizes

This page offers information and visual illustrations to help determine tables sizes. A wide variety of factors and considerations are involved in this decision-making process, and our guide will help you come to the right conclusion for each scenario. Read this resource